ASSET.TN location, Tullahoma, Tennessee
MIP Sensors for Chemical Detection
Melt- blown Fiber Spinning
Carbon Fiber Fabrics for Composites
Fiber Fragmentation Testing
Materials Examination
Machincal Property Testing
Carbon Fiber Composites
Carbon Fiber Composite Plates
SEM image showing ~ 8 um diameter of carbon fiber
Pitch fiber spun with melt- blown spinning
Pitch-based carbon fiber
Professor Vakili

Facilitate Technology and Product Developments in Support of UTSI and AEDC and Other Regional and National Clients


Center for Advanced Scientific Support and Engineering Technology (ASSET.TN®), in Tullahoma, Tennessee, was formed as a new organization, to facilitate technology and product developments in support of UTSI and AEDC and other regional and national clients.

ASSET allows new types of partnership opportunities for UTSI with the Arnold Engineering Development Center (AEDC) and other interested technology companies. ASSET will help enable and enhance contracting in technology development and applications, and create a mechanism for higher-level engagement with the Department of Defense (DoD) including the US Air Force. ASSET is focused on technology development, engineering and scientific support for the purposes of complimenting the UTSI educational and research capabilities and technology transfer and economic development. ASSET will participate in applied research and contracting in support of technology and product development and improvement projects. It will participate in projects to further develop research and increase technology readiness level (TRL) into applications for commercially viable processes.



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updated: 04/12/2015